Signet Rings & Accessories

Timelessly classic signets & accessories in Raleigh. Each one is created to last not just one generation, but for many to come.

Signet Rings

Needless to say, a classic piece of jewelry which can be enjoyed by anyone, male or female, regardless of age. Made in 18 Karat Yellow or Rose Gold and Platinum, our signets are readily recognizable and distinguished with expert hand engraving.

They are massive compared to others allowing our rings to be passed from one generation to another. Acquiring one is not just for yourself but a little something for a grand or great-grandchild who will have the opportunity to reflect often on their family heritage with fond memories of the original owner.


A category of jewelry not relegated to formal wear alone. Our cufflinks allow that extra touch of color to any man’s wardrobe.

We are delighted to offer a vast selection of cufflinks and dress sets for all occasions. From eclectic & quirky to sophisticated, there is a range of cufflink designs suitable for every personality and taste. All are available in 18 Karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or sterling silver.

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