Fine Jewelry

At Haydon & Company, we’re committed to providing our clients with a treasure that will last a lifetime and proudly be passed down for generations. Made in the tradition of German fine jewelry making, our handmade custom jewelry is designed and created by our master bench jeweler in Raleigh, NC.

As an independent, local jewelry store, we aren’t pressured to produce quantity to meet a price point. Our customers are guaranteed to receive unique, custom jewelry in Raleigh that was handmade with a dedication to the art form of fine jewelry and exquisite craftsmanship. Using only the highest-quality materials, each piece is a luxury to wear. We create the following kinds of jewelry in Raleigh:

Picchiotti XPANDABLE™ Bracelets

Haydon & Company is a proud authorized dealer of Picchiotti XPANDABLE™ bracelets, featured in the following video:


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Our wide assortment of fine jewelry offers each of our customers with a custom piece of jewelry that is exclusive to Haydon & Company. Visit our Raleigh jewelry store or call us to ask about a specific jewelry piece.