Saint-Louis Crystal

In addition to our selection of fine jewelry, Haydon & Company offers a selection of unique luxury home goods and heirloom pieces. Among these items are world-renowned Saint-Louis Crystal. From beautiful tableware to elegant barware, we carry a variety of Saint-Louis Crystal pieces that are sure to make a lasting impression.

For centuries, Saint-Louis Crystal, now part of the Hermès group, has created stunning crystal-glass tableware, decor, lighting pieces, and much more. Pulling their name from King Louis XV, Saint-Louis Crystal is devoted to crafting only the finest crystal-glass creations in the world. Saint-Louis Crystal pieces are always mouth blown, hand-cut, hand-engraved, and hand-decorated using 24-carat gold or platinum.


Haydon & Company is proud to be an authorized reseller of Saint-Louis Crystal in Raleigh, NC. When you need a gift that truly stuns, a piece of Saint-Louis Crystal fits the bill.

Saint-Louis Crystal At Our Fine Jewelry Store

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