Meissen Porcelain & China

Haydon & Company offers a selection of unique luxury items and collectors pieces to adorn your home. Among our finest gift items are Meissen porcelain pieces. For weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions, Meissen offers a beautiful selection to commemorate any occasion.

Meissen Couture is a known provider of handmade, luxurious European collectables. As one of the first porcelain manufacturers in Europe, Meissen Couture has a legacy of heirlooms and uniquely crafted items. Collections include: fine joaillere, couture and accessories, and home and art. 12 month 0% financing available.


Haydon & Company is the region’s sole supplier of Meissen Couture. We offer a range of timeless German Porcelain pieces including: figurines, china, vases and boxes, desk sets, and Limited Edition Art Works. For handcrafted detailing and exceptional design, Haydon & Company’s Meissen collection provides a selection of beautiful pieces with a sophisticated European flair.

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Our collection of fine gifts offer each of our customers with uniqueMeissen porcelain pieces. To view more of our collection, visit our Raleigh jewelry store or call us.