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We at Haydon & Company are jewelers first and foremost, and quality is paramount in every piece of jewelry we offer. For over 40 years, our goal has been to provide jewelry of a level of excellence and quality rarely seen in Raleigh. It is this dedication which clearly separates us from others and has created the Haydon Distinction in Raleigh.

There are four elements which determine the quality and of course, the value of a diamond:


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Have you ever compared several pieces of jewelry and noticed that some appear to be more brilliant and sparkle more than others? What you have seen is a result of how well the diamonds have been cut. Even though you are not a gemologist, you can easily see the difference.

Not to be confused with the diamond’s shape (such as round, oval, marquise, pear, emerald, and others), the term “cut” refers to the most visual and impactful quality a finished diamond can possess.  When cut properly, the quality of this singular element reveals and unleashes the diamond’s ability to reflect and disperse light like no other gemstone.


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The clarity grade of a diamond is determined by its internal imperfections and external blemishes. The size, nature, number, and position of these imperfections and/or blemishes determine the clarity grade when examined under 10X magnification. There are far more diamonds with imperfections and blemishes than those without.  When viewing many diamonds of various clarity grades, most cannot visually see a difference until it is viewed under a microscope, with the exception of highly imperfect diamonds.



The color grade of a diamond is a comparative evaluation to determine the amount of body color a diamond possesses.  The Gemological Institute of America developed a scale ranging from the letter D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).  Any diamonds of darker colors beyond the letter Z are referred to as fancy colors with additional descriptive grades such as light fancy, fancy, intense, and vivid.  The value of a diamond decreases as you move from D to Z, but then increases dramatically beyond the letter Z into the fancy colors.

Carat Weight

Diamonds are weighed and measured in points and carats. There are 100 points per carat. A half carat diamond can be expressed as one weighing 50 points or 0.50 carats.  The weight difference between a 98 point and a 1.02 carat diamond is virtually impossible to see however given the same cut, clarity, and color grade, the price difference can be sizable.

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