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There are four factors which influence the value of a piece of jewelry:

  1. The quality of the stone(s) to be used;
  2. The quality of how well the mounting is made;
  3. The quality of how well the stone(s) is/are set; and
  4. The quality of the paperwork which accurately describes in detail the individual components and how the piece was made.

If any or more than one of the above factors is compromised, then the value — and of course, the price — of that piece of jewelry lessens.

These factors are never compromised at Haydon & Company and we pay close attention to them to ensure each piece is made to the highest level.

It is this dedication which results in a truly special piece of jewelry.

A Higher Level of Taste and Expertise in Raleigh

Fine Jewelry RaleighOur goal is always to provide a special service and product to our clients. We are in the business of establishing long term relationships. We strive to gain your trust, meet and go beyond your expectations, and share our passion of fine jewelry and fashion with you.

Accordingly, at Haydon & Company, we do not want to simply sell you a piece of jewelry – we want our jewelry to make an impression when you enter a room and reflect your style and good taste. This is why we specialize in creating singular pieces of jewelry, honed to perfectly match you and your lifestyle.

Many jewelers place more importance on low prices. Quality is never compromised for price points at Haydon & Company. We only produce and procure jewelry of the highest tier, because what determines the value isn’t merely a function of money, it is where all four guiding factors come together.

Every decision we make on every piece we work on, from design to finished piece, is a decision based on knowledge and expertise – never on price or marketing.

The Myth of GIA Certification

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What is the myth? Misleading terminology. Today, terms such as “GIA cert,” “GIA certified,” or “certified by the GIA” are often incorrectly used by jewelers.

The GIA grades loose diamonds and issues a document called a “diamond grading report” – a brief document without a plotting, also referred to as a “diamond dossier.” There is nothing in these documents which uses the term “certified.” These reports are a knowledgeable and educated opinion of the diamond’s characteristics, but by no means are they a guarantee of quality. Remember, a human being is evaluating the diamond.

The GIA and the American Gem Society are both widely respected for the quality of their reports and Haydon & Company provides reports from both where applicable. We review the diamond and the report to ensure the diamond is accurately described and graded.

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